Las Formas Verbales en Activa y Pasiva
Active and Passive Verb Forms

Activo – con el verbo ‘to live’ (vivir)

present simple – I live, you live, we live, he/she/it lives, we live, they live
present progressive (or continuous) – I am living, you are living etc.
present perfect simple – I have lived, you have lived, he/she/it has lived etc.
present perfect progressive – I have been living, you have been living etc.

past simple – I lived, you lived, he/she/it lived etc.
past progressive – I was living, you were living etc.
past perfect simple – I had lived, you had lived etc.
past perfect progressive – I had been working, you had been working etc.

future simple – I will work, you will work, you will work, he/she/it will work, we will work, they will work.
future progressive – I will be working, you will be working etc.
future perfect simple – I will have worked, you will have worked etc.
future perfect progressive – I will have been working, you will have been working etc.

Infinitives – (to) work, (to) be working, (to) have worked, (to) have been working
-ing forms – working, having worked
past participle – worked

Pasivo – con el verbo ‘to make’ (hacer)

present simple – it is made, they are made etc.
present progressive – it is being made, they are being made etc.
present perfect – it has been made, they have been made etc.

past simple – it was made, they were made etc.
past progressive – it was being made, they were being made etc.
past perfect – it had been made, they had been made etc.

future simple – it will be made, they will be made etc.
future perfect – it will have been made, they will have been made etc.
‘going to’ future – it is going to be made, they are going to be made etc.


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